Executive Board

SPA is governed by an executive board that is selected in late-April/early-May. The board consists of the President-Elect, President, Past-President, Technology Coordinator, Treasurer, Membership Coordinator, SAM Coordinator, Programming Coordinator, Edgewood College Liaison, Madison College Liaison, and a Graduate Student and Undergraduate Student Representative.

2019-2020 SPA Board Members

Past President – TJ Sargent

President – Will Hoffman

President Elect – Ida Balderrama-Trudell

Technology Coordinator – Kyle Sanger

Treasurer – Brianna Kuhn

Membership/Communications Coordinator – Gabrielle Murphy

SAM Coordinator – Bart Upah

Undergraduate Student – Lauryn Christianson

Programming Coordinator – Danielle Wolfgang

Edgewood College Liaison – Hollie McCrea Olson

Madison College Liaison - Melanie Stebbins