Executive Board

SPA is governed by an executive board that is selected in late-April/early-May.

2021-2022 SPA Board Members

Past President – Will Hoffman

President – Karen Thomas

President Elect – vacant

Communications/Marketing Coordinator - Candice Jacobs

Program Development Coordinator – Richelle Kasten

Program Development Coordinator - vacant

Secretary/Treasurer – Brianna Kuhn

Edgewood College Liaison – vacant

Madison College Liaison - vacant

UW-Madison Liaison - vacant

Graduate Student Representative – Deonte Iverson

Undergraduate Student Representative - vacant

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President Roles

The President-Elect, President, and Past-President is a three-year term.

  • President-Elect: Responsible for being the point of contact for the Event Planning Program Development Coordinator, and serves in the President role in the absence of said person. (1 year)

  • President: Responsible for being point of contact for Student Mentoring Program Development Coordinator, leading Executive Board meetings, presiding at all major public SPA events (Fall Reception, Fall Conference, and Awards Luncheon) (1 year)

  • Past-President/Ex-officio: Serves as an advisor to the President/President-Elect and the rest of the Executive Board (1 year)

These three officers will also determine who will assist if a vacancy occurs within the committee structure and who will be responsible to ensure the duties are accomplished. Other duties as relevant (ie., participation in other planning activities of the Executive Board, working with the Board on proposing new initiatives and directions, in partnership with the SPA membership).

Campus Liaisons

Edgewood College, Madison College, and UW-Madison (One from each campus)

Responsible for outreach to specific institutions of higher education to promote membership and professional development opportunities in SPA. Serve as active participants in the planning of Annual Conference, Awards, and Socials. Serves as a point person for liaising with Edgewood, Madison College, and UW-Madison Senior Level Staff (ex. Dean of Students, VP of Student Life). Represents the interests of student affairs professionals at their respective institutions on the executive board and for SPA events.

Communications/Marketing Coordinator

Creates SPA communication pieces (i.e. email blasts, flyers, social media, etc.) and works to create consistency in communication. Serves as SPA webmaster. Updates and maintains SPA community roster and email list. Responsible for checking and responding to the SPA Gmail account; managing social media presence. Create marketing material and flyers for all SPA events and communication.

Program Development Coordinator (2 roles)

Responsible for the coordination of most events, such as the SPA Fall Kick-off meeting and End-of-Year Social (with Executive Board), including other events that arise throughout the year; helps coordinate events other Executive Board members coordinate. Chair of general SPA subcommittees.

  • Role 1 Focus (Student Mentoring): Works with graduate and undergraduate student representatives to ensure programming is accessible to student populations. Works with the Event Planning Program Development Coordinator to support programming for students.

  • Role 2 Focus (Event Planning): SPA Conference and Spring Awards Ceremony. Is the point of contact for the SPA annual conference and works with the conference committee to plan and host this annual event. Works with the President-elect for spring awards.


Handles all financial transactions. Maintains budget information and provides updates as needed to the Executive Board; Creates correspondence as necessary related to fiduciary items on behalf of the SPA Executive Board. Responsible for tracking and monitoring the spending and income of the organization as well as maintaining our compliance with budgetary guidelines. Oversees the use of Square or other fee gathering database. (2 years)

Student Representatives:

These positions are elected to serve as the liaison between the Executive Board, SPA general membership, and the students. Plan panels and forums about career opportunities in higher education and related areas. Participate in the planning of all board events of interest. There are four roles: a graduate student representative and one undergraduate representative each from Edgewood College, Madison College, and UW-Madison.

  • Graduate Student: To assist in the promotion and development of student affairs career-related programming, as well as increase involvement and recruitment of graduate students in SPA. Additionally, works closely with program development coordinators and the undergraduate student representative.

  • Undergraduate Student: To assist in the promotion and development of student affairs career-related programming, as well as increase involvement and recruitment of undergraduate students in SPA.

If you are interested in applying for candidacy, submit an application here.