SPA is a Madison-area association of current and aspiring higher education professionals which facilitates collaboration and networking to support one another and enhance the student experience. For over 60 years, SPA has provided higher ed professionals with a local, affordable professional development home. Founded by University of Wisconsin-Madison staff to serve the needs of campus staff, SPA has continued to grow, develop, mold and adapt to a changing profession.

In 2011, SPA transitioned from being a fee-based membership organization to a an open membership organization. Additionally, the organization broadened its membership to include the Madison College and Edgewood College communities.

After 3 years of open membership, SPA returned to the fee-base model in order to provide additional funding and support for SPA related programming and members' professional development needs.

In fall 2017, the executive board decided to once again remove these fees in an attempt to reengage the community in the important work of student services.

SPA is a member-driven and member-led organization supported entirely by the active participation of the 3 campus communities.

Interested in getting involved? Contact us at wisconsinspa@gmail.com